Friday, September 28, 2012

First Day


(abi, the first day of school)

Hola, Abigail.  To remember, your first day of PreK (the 2012 year) you were OH so excited to attend Spanish House.  And the 2nd day.  3-8th days…not so much :)


(her first day of Mother’s Day Out back in 2009…with sweet Oslo in the back, tear)

But, here we are…into our 2nd month of school and you’re doing great.  We’re ‘Hasta Luego’ and ‘como se dice-ing’ with the best of ‘em.


(first day of Science School 2011)

You have felt fear.  But, you felt bravery more.  You have been sad; but made your heart turn to joy & laughter instead.  Big lessons for a 4 year old.  I am so very proud of you.


Te amo baby,


IMG_7897 IMG_7892

(because you’ve got to have first day of school treats!)

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Molly Chittum said...

Abi has grown so much! I'm so excited about seeing you all this year and meeting baby William, I've been showing my friends the pictures of the three of them and they all agree that they are all so cute!xx